Anne and Alan Dallman’s Open Garden


For map of garden location click here

Date: Sunday 23 June 2019

Description: At the far end of the plot a landmine had blown up what was once a tennis court, in the process burying topsoil and bringing subsoil to the surface. Alan rotovated this area in about 1970, then put in shrubs along the bottom and planted the now huge willow tree. Ever since he has been feeding the soil with compost, restoring to it the good heart that the landmine took away, and using it as the veg patch. He installed a big greenhouse and planted a Black Hamburg grapevine, then won a smaller one in a competition. These greenhouses, in which he sows and brings on many of the plants that make the whole garden so bright and floriferous, are fundamental to his way of working.

Venue: 27 Wood Vale, N10 3DJ

Price: Free

Time: 2 – 6pm