Art trail in the Village


Date: Saturday 22 June 2019

Description: Self-guided trail of artworks, installations and art-related window displays.

Maps can be collected at No. 49 Highgate High Street next to Oxfam Bookshop.
Numbers on the map correspond to locations and addresses on the list below the map, with brief information on each venue.

Locations include: Highgate Literary & Scientific Society, Thrown Ceramics, Highgate Contemporary Art, Highgate Bookshop, Helen Brough, Studio at 298 Archway, Designer shop on High Street, Avivson Gallery, Julie Major (14 South Grove), Fiona Pitkin and Osbert Parker (79 Swains Lane), both Oxfam and the Cancer Research UK charity shops on High Street.

Photo credit: Avivson Gallery

Time: all day

Venue: Art all along Highgate High Street

Price: Free