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The Show Will Go On

The Show will go on

With a little bit of spare time (…) and a desire to do something creative and helpful, we’re happy to present you with The Show Will Go On, a unique, heart-warming story-driven colouring book for you and your kids to use for free. (Either on a fancy device that can colour in, or printed off at home.)

Download your free colouring book here!

Oh, and please feel free to share this with your friends and family, and send us in pictures of your completed books. We’d love to make this website prettier and colourful with some of your pages. Please send any drawings to, or use the hashtag #showwillgoon and maybe you’ll see them on our website soon! We’ve also made a video read – through which you can watch at the bottom of this page!

The Show will go on

Below, there’s a JustGiving page for an optional donation. All proceeds will go to Age UK, a brilliant charity that, right now, is more stretched than ever.