‘A Great Garden of Death’: photo exhibition


Date: 17 – 23 June 2019

Description: It’s difficult for us today, when many Victorian cemeteries are old and crumbling, to imagine how newfangled they were in the early nineteenth century. Until the 1850s most burials took place in church graveyards, but these were not secure and space was limited. There were regular scandals as the bodies of the dead were subjected to appalling indignities. Something had to be done, and this led to the establishment of private cemetery companies. Highgate Cemetery promised burial in a sepulchral garden, so attractive that it would be a good place for a day out. It was so popular that ways had to be found to limit visitor numbers. This exhibition attempts to recapture how the Victorians would have seen Highgate Cemetery.

Time: 10 – 4:30pm

Venue: Highgate Cemetery West

Price: FREE