Highgate Society Poetry Reading


That motley old crew of raggedy Poets from the Highgate Society’s Poetry Group are proud and honoured to reveal their true character for their first public performance as part of the Highgate Festival 2019.

Eight months on from conception and here we are and there we’ll be. Shambling, regaling you with epic wind swept tales of piracy and drunken abandon. If that fails we’ll fall upon our radicalism, pagan roots, studious endeavours and other life stories. From those who never poeticised before to the seasoned troubadour, the tableau has been set. Come and listen to to stuff you’ve never heard before.

Can you afford to miss it? You must judge that  for yourselves

Venue: Highgate Society, 10a South Grove, N6 6BS

Date: Saturday 22 June 2019

Time: 2–3PM

Price: Free