A track in the woods


“If you go down to the woods in Highgate you’ll get an almighty surprise. For Jess (Fyrenforth) and his mates, with a little help from the Muswell Hill Crew, have built a working BMX track within yards of the road. Outside suburban London carries on as normal, but once you’re into the trees BMX is King. Not that they haven’t had their problems… 

Some 20 riders equipped and ready to go, stuck between Eastway and Westway in trackless North London. Sure, there as a neat jump in Highgate Woods, but there was a steady stream of angry dog walkers and grannies telling them ‘It shouldn’t be allowed’, and finally a lynching mob from the council.

As the place’s fame spread, so did the hassles. The people across the road complained about the noise, and a local committee spent a lot of time discussing the track and what to do about it. Jess says the majority have supported them, though.” (ABMX December 1983. Courtesy of John Dye, Volt BMX)