Any pedants travel on the Northern Line?


…and feel like screaming every time the woman making those automated announcements says ‘The next station will be Highgit’. Have you ever heard anyone else, ever, pronounce Highgate as ‘Highgit’? Ever? No! Of course you haven’t. It’s wrong. And it does my head in. Rant over.”

“You could shout ‘Highgate’ back at her. You may even get a seat that way.”

“I think some of the people who live in Highgate probably pronounce it Haygit.”

“I admit I did raise my eyebrows when I heard the Underground announcement for Highgate…”

“Funny, I was just talking to someone about that last night… they said they’d only pronounce it that way if they were from Highgate by way of Bearsden, Scotland.”

“Yes. I’ve always been about Highgit but it could be how some residents say it – I live at the bottom of the hill so say Eyegate and doff my cap innit.”

“Believe me, no-one in Highgate says ‘High-git’”.

“I will check out the locals’ pronunciation next time I’m up there cleaning robbing going to the pub.” 


Wikipedia: The name of the village is commonly /ˈhaɪɡeɪt/; however, the London Underground in announcements at Highgate tube station[8] uses the alternative pronunciation of /ˈhaɪɡɪt/, where the final syllable matches the last syllable in “frigate”.